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Meet Bill Pullman, The 'Fruit Hunter''s picture

Bill Pullman rare fruits

When Bill Pullman wants to have some fruit, he explores the earth and goes with a machete, hacking his way through dense vegetation. Having a piece of orange or an apple from your refrigerator is not even half as exciting as Pullman's journey. In fact, he joins Yung Chang in a new documentary, called "The Fruit Hunters", to explore the world of rare fruits.


It is no surprise that the number of such fruit seekers is few and Pullman is one of those but his enthusiasm makes up for what it lacks in numbers. He walks barefoot in a forest, scales a mango tree, digs into dense bushes for exotic fruits. He also says that the rare fruits are displayed just like  drug dealer will sit you down at the table and show you the narcotics.


However, the documentary has its lighter moments when Pullman pulls out one exotic fruit or another and sniffs at it before taking a bite out of it. The documentary, "The Fruit Hunters", shall be released in Montreal on November 23 but nothing is clear about its US release yet.



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Meet Bill Pullman, The 'Fruit Hunter'