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Organic Oprah Winfrey

If all goes well, you could soon be buying "Oprah's Organics" at your favorite organic food store. The talk show host is getting into the organic foods and products business, for which she has already started applying to the connected authorities.


A leading newspaper recently reported that Oprah has submitted application to trademark "Oprah's Organics" last month to the US Patent and Trademark Organization. According to her application, Oprah will be selling salad dressings, soups, beverages, as well as products like bath soaps and cosmetics. It is also being reported that the ingredients to be used for Oprah's Organics products shall be cultivated at Oprah's own farm in Hawaii.


With her talk show, Oprah Winfrey has gained a tremendous amount of publicity, fans and given hope to people worldwide. Now with her line of organic foods and products, she will opening up an entirely new world of opportunity.



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Oprah Winfrey To Sell Organic Food, Products