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Bourdain, Ripert, Chocolate

At this year’s New York Chocolate Show, to be held this weekend, visitors will be treated to the ‘Good & Evil’ chocolate, which is manufactured by Éclat Chocolate Company but inspired by the ‘dynamic friendship’ between two legendary culinary figures. Anthony Bourdain and Chef Eric Ripert are the inspiration behind this chocolate, which is made with 72% cacao, sourced from Peru.


The cacao used in the Good & Evil chocolate is Pure Nacional cacao of Peru, which was thought to be extinct but is, in fact, really, really rare. Chocolatier Christopher Curtin, owner of the Pennsylvania-based Éclat Chocolate said that the Good & Evil would contain chocolate as well as cocoa nibs, representing Ripert’s ‘Good’ personality traits and Bourdain’s ‘Bad’ ones, respectively.


At $18 for a 2.6oz bar, this chocolate will also be available online at é starting Friday.



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Anthony Bourdain, Eric Ripert’s ‘Good & Evil’ Chocolate