Obama Burger, Romney Omelet To Decide US Election Outcome

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The US Presidential race is over and Barack Obama has won another 4-year stay in the White House. However, long way from the Washington, D.C., a popular American diner in Paris tried to extend the electoral campaign with its special menu additions – an Obama burger and a Romney omelet.


The diner in question, “Breakfast In America”, located in central Paris, has planned a food-fight of its own. It would be selling the burger and omelet for 24 hours today and by the end of the day, count how many plates of each dish were sold. Depending on the list, the winner would be declared. Quite ironic that the French palates should decide who will win the US election!


While the Obama burger is made with pickles and sausages, the Romney omelet is a relatively plain affair. As a result, some of Romney’s supporters in Paris called up the restaurant and complained about the difference. To explain itself, the diner said that since Romney, so often, called himself a “plain, regular American,” they tried to put the same into his omelet.


Well, thank God, Americans don’t have to wait for the French diners to know who is going to govern them for the next four years!



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