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One of the finest batsmen in the world, Sachin Tendulkar, is also an avid foodie, as per his own admission. For starters, he polished off a large bowl of ice cream just before going out to face the pacer attack from Pakistan during the 2003 World Cup and winning the Man of the Match trophy. However, his gourmet interest is not limited to just the ice cream, but includes Pakistani street food as well.


During his first tour of Pakistan, when he was just 16 years old, he recalls eating a heavy breakfast of ‘Keema Paratha” and a large glass of “Lassi”, and little else till it was dinner time. He considers the meal as ‘delicious.’ His only grouse was the weight that he accumulated on the tour.


Besides being a food enthusiast, Sachin is also an eager cook and can be seen cooking for his family as well as his team. His wife, Anjali, is known to love the fish curry that he makes for her occasionally. Besides his wife, Sachin loves to cook breakfast for his daughter, Sara, and son, Arjun.


Among the world cuisines, he loves Japanese food and even encourages his younger team mates, like Suresh Raina, to sample it from time to time.


Well, that is a lot of insight into the food preferences of the Master Blaster, who has kept the world entertained with his bat. He sure knows how to entertain himself with the cutlery.



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Sachin Tendulkar Loves Pakistani Street Food