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Jessica Alba Pumpkin

Halloween is round the corner so it is pumpkin-shopping time for the Hollywood dahlings! One such beautiful babe, Jessica Alba, took her two babes, Honor and Haven, to the Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch this weekend. Together, the three ladies shopped for the perfect pumpkin for this Halloween.


Buying pumpkin can also be a fun thing and if you want to have fun while purchasing pumpkin for yourself, learn it from Alba and her two daughters, both of whom seemed to have such good fun at the pumpkin patch.


While young Honor had painted butterfly on her face, Alba kept Haven inside the stroller, while allowing the big sister to roam about. While Honor ran around between the pumpkins, the doting mother took a lot of pictures on her phone.


The family had a good time choosing the right pumpkin. We hope they have the same fun carving it too on the Halloween night.




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Jessica Alba Goes Pumpkin-Shopping With Daughters