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Mick Jagger’s Daughter Gets Naked For Fishlove's picture


Lizzy Jagger Fish

Rock royalty Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall’s daughter Lizzy stripped down to her birthday suit for the love of fish and a photographic project called ‘Fishlove.’ The project involves celebrities from different walks of life taking a stand against over-fishing in the water bodies of the world. The project was a result of scientific research that has revealed that all marine life is in danger of extinction because of over-fishing.


The photo-shoot that happened with Lizzy Jagger took place with fish donated by Waitrose and caught through sustainable fishing as per environmental considerations.


Lizzy posed nude with the fish as well as with her mother, Jerry. The pictures taken in this photo-shoot will be showcased in an exhibition on October 26 in London. The rest of the Fishlove celebrity gallery has the likes of Terry Gilliam and Gretta Scacchi.



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Image Courtesy: buzzfeed

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Mick Jagger’s Daughter Gets Naked For Fishlove