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Celebrity Chefs

Haven’t you always wondered how the chefs that you so lovingly follow, in recipes and in lives, keep fit despite being surrounded by delicious dishes day in and day out? Well, here is some of the dope straight from the horses’ mouths.

Art Smith

Chef Marc Murphy of the Landmarc restaurant, refrains from alcohol during weekdays, in order to balance nibbling on his favorite snacks Monday through Friday. He also cooks his food with fresh herbs and uses less oil and butter in his food. Chicago-based Chef Art Smith had to change his eating habits after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes just before his 50th birthday. These days, he ensures to snack only on almonds and apples in between meals.

sue torres

Chef Sue Torres eats a hearty breakfast every day, especially steel-cut oatmeal with fruits, to keep herself from going astray during the day. Celebrity chef Katie Lee observes discipline from Monday to Friday by eating 75% of vegetables in her diet. She has fun on Saturday and Sunday, though.

Katie Lee

However, if you are thinking to follow Chef Murphy’s alcohol only on weekends formula to stay fit yourself, be informed that that ice cube in whiskey doesn’t count as water. So, drink lots of water too.



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This Is How Your Favorite Chefs Stay Healthy