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Amanda Holden's Diet Secrets - 'Cake, Wine, Butter''s picture


Amanda Holden Diet

Hollywood celebrities never cease to amaze you - be it with their dietary habits or their unusual lifestyles. Amanda Holden is one such star, who, at 41 years of age, has revealed that she doesn't believe in diets. Take a look at her ravishing looks and beautiful, slender figure and you will roll your eyes too.


In fact, ask her what is the secret to her beautiful looks and she throws the bombshell, "cake, wine and butter and I don't diet." She credits her 'good genes' for her slender looks and now, just eight months after giving birth to her daughter Hollie, she says she is 'the heaviest I've ever weighed.' As for the other things, she insists that she loves eating cake, having a glass of wine, and full fat yoghurt. She also doesn't keep anything like a low-fat spread in her kitchen, so there you go.


It all boils down to some regular physical activity and eating the right things in the right quantity and you could have a figure like Amanda Holden too!



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Amanda Holden's Diet Secrets - 'Cake, Wine, Butter'