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Damn Food Names - Robbie Williams Mistakes 'Apple' For 'Melon''s picture


Gwyneth Robbie

This is why celebrities should never name their kids after foods - it can cause the little one embarrassment in retrospective. However, in this case, it was an adult, Robbie Williams, to be precise, who was left red-faced after he called Gwyneth Paltrow's eight-year old daughter 'Melon.' Well, you may ask what is wrong with that. Actually Gwyneth's daughter's name is 'Apple.'


It happened at Robbie's house, where Gwyneth was present with her daughter, Apple. When she took her daughter to meet their host, Robbie asked her cutely, "Does little Melon like an apple?" Imagine the horror that poor Gwyneth and Apple must have felt at this faux pas!


Robbie was deeply embarrassed too as he said, "So embarrassing! I mixed it up!" However, he was also angry with Gwyneth and her husband for giving their daughter a name like this.



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Damn Food Names - Robbie Williams Mistakes 'Apple' For 'Melon'