Victoria Beckham's Food Fads Betray Pregnancy Rumors

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Victoria Beckham pregnant

If fashionista Victoria Beckham's food fads are any indication, it seems the Beckhams are going to make another addition to their brood of five. Little Harper will soon have a younger sibling, as will her three elder brothers Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz. The rumor started making rounds after Victoria displayed some strange food fads on her last London visit.


For starters, she didn't have a single drink after her performance in Olympics 2012 opening ceremony. She also seems to have put on some weight and is dressing up in loose clothing. However, when her friends asked her about the food fads and no-drinking, she just smiled in response.


A source close to the celebrity pair revealed that Victoria is desperate to have one more baby before she turns 40 and David agrees to that. Well, it is only natural that David and Victoria would like to keep this a secret. Nevertheless, here's wishing both of them a very happy parenthood the fifth time around.



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