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Duck Fetus Gives Zac Efron A Taste Of Filipino Culture's picture

Zac_Efron eats balut

‘The Lucky One’ star Zac Efron was all bravado on his recent visit to the Philipines. He decided to taste Balut a local delicacy of boiled Duck fetus. He also emphasized the right way to experience an alien culture is to taste the food of the country.


Zac, however, was a little apprehensive about the Balut when he found out that he would have to scoop it right out of the tiny shell and eat it. He braved it though and even stated, "it wasn't that bad. I ate, like, three more that day."


The video depicting his experience with the duck fetus will give you a glimpse about how he handled the exotic Filipino food. He shared it on the Jimmy Kimmel Live interview.



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Duck Fetus Gives Zac Efron A Taste Of Filipino Culture