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Victoria's Secret Model Tucks Into A Hearty Snack's picture

Alessandra Ambrosio

Who says famous models don’t eat? Ask Alessandra Ambrosio. The famous Victoria’s Secret model was recently spotted walking down a Santa Monica street, tucking into a savory snack.


Ambrosio was seen tucking into the scrumptious snack, licking her hands and scraping the container for every last morsel. Now that is the way to snack and how good to learn it from a model.


The poor girl is only human, you know and it is a lot of hard work to keep herself enviably slim always. So, she is entitled to some free time, right? Ambrosio was filming her new commercial in the town, when she was seen indulging herself in some snack-therapy. She is one girl who likes to tuck into something good every once in a while. She has already said that she likes to “wake up and have eggs Benedict with a cappuccino and orange juice.”


If you are surprised to hear that, there’s more. Alessandra loves chocolate fondue, chips, salt and vinegar. So there, it has been told again. Models do eat!


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Image Courtesy: modelcandids, babble

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Victoria's Secret Model Tucks Into A Hearty Snack