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Kym Johnson, the Australian ballroom dancer has always been fighting fit despite not believing in dieting or giving up her favorite foods for good. She is based in California right now for her next session with “Dancing with the Stars” and has willingly shared a few tips of keeping fit with her fans.


She admits that she loves to have quiet dinners and occasionally does indulge herself with all the goodies offered by quality eateries. However, dancing and regular exercise keeps her body rock hard and toned, both considered to be a must in a dancer. She also thinks that the key to effective food intake lies in portion control.


Her only weakness is, however, her sweet tooth and can not give up the desserts. Kym tells us, “but the truth is I don't do too much sugar.” So is she talking honey and natural sweeteners here or does she simply go for the sugar less variety when it comes to the dessert trolley? No answers there as of now but we can definitely take a leaf out of her book and try to dance our way to fitness.



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DWTS Participant Kym Johnson Has A Sweet Tooth