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Singer Hawthorne Designs A Burger

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Mayer Hawthorne creates a Umami burger

Mayer Hawthorne, the multi faceted singer is keen to gauge his talent in the world of culinary arts now. He has been designing a new burger for his favorite eatery the Umami Urban of  Hollywood.


The Hawthorne burger is expected to have hatch chiles, cognac-infused parsnip puree and cognac based fondue sauce along with crisply fried hatch straws atop the Umami burger patty. Now, isn’t it a little too much of cognac there? Or is Hawthorne hoping that ladies would go ga ga over it.


The new burger is expected to be tried on the unsuspecting public on the 8thof October with Mayer DJing with Billy Goods at 1520, North Cahuenga Boulevard. Do take your chance if you want to get deliriously drunk on a cognac filled burger! Good Luck!



Image Credit-  Facebook; umami

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Singer Hawthorne Designs A Burger