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Kim Kardashian Tries To Slim By Taking The Quick Trim Route Again's picture

Kim_Kardashian tries to slim via quick trim

Well, the gorgeous Kim Kardashian has made the world sit up by her solemn pledge of losing 15 to 20 pounds soon. The deliciously curvy Kim had been contented and very much in love since her relationship with Kanye West took off. And it shows in her figure which is looking positively more fuller now.


A source said that all she and Kanye does while dating is going out and eating. She added, "she(Kim) feels so comfortable around him — he loves her curves — she hasn’t been vigilant about dieting."


Kim is now determined to shed some off those pounds. She has started on the diet supplement, Quick Trim once again and has already managed to shed 6 pounds. However, the supplement in question doesn’t have a positive result always say a number of disgruntled users. In fact, the Kardashian sisters had to bear the brunt of their anger when a New York lawsuit was filed against them for $5 million. The Kardashians had endorsed Quick Trim products for a fee of course which the users found to be unscientific and misleading.


So will it help the hot and sexy reality star in shedding those extra pounds? Or is this yet another exercise aimed at endorsing the product once more?



Image Credit- stylenews; redalertlive

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Kim Kardashian Tries To Slim By Taking The Quick Trim Route Again