Hollywood Stars And Food Names For Babies

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Drew Barrymore Olive

Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore is a happily married star who recently welcomed baby ‘Olive’ with her husband Will Kopelman. The baby girl has been named Olive Barrymore Kopelman but it is her first name that has caught the attention of the world.


With her baby’s name, Drew has joined ranks with those Hollywood stars who are happy to name their kids after food items. Olive, for example, is a delicious cooking oil, it also makes for a popular snack and is also the name of a legendary cartoon character, Olive, Popeye’s girlfriend.


Some other celebrities who have gone down the food names are Isla Fisher (she named her daughter Olive), Gwyneth Paltrow, whose daughter is named Apple, and Jason Bateman, who named his second baby Maple.


Those are quite a few mouthfuls of food names. Which one would you choose for your baby?



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