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Valerie Bertinelli Gets Turned On By Dishwashing's picture


The ‘One Day At A Time’ star Valerie Bertinelli is mad about food and she is unabashed about its turn-on effects. She has lost 40lbs recently and she shares her joy of cooking in Jenny Craig’s new cookbook, “One Dish at a Time.” The TV star loves cooking healthy and delicious food but it is something else that actually turns her on.


Speaking to a health magazine, Valerie said recently that she had made it clear to her husband, Tom Vitale, years ago, that foreplay to her was ‘emptying the dishwasher.” Now, you may raise those eyebrows and ask, really? But Valerie has more to add. She said, “I think he took it too literally… I’m like, ‘No, Honey, it takes more than emptying the dishwasher.’ But that’s part of it.”


Even cooking soup like a gazpacho is something sensual to Valerie and she says, cooking food with her husband helps both of them to bond well. Now, if you were cooking recipes like the “Sexy Tuscan Style Soup” with your husband in the kitchen, you wouldn’t need any more encouragement in the bedroom.


So grab a copy of this cookbook when it is out and follow in Valerie’s footsteps!



Image Courtesy: womansday

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Valerie Bertinelli Gets Turned On By Dishwashing