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Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is one celebrity chef who is not tired of throwing a challenge at his fans. Two years after launching his 30-Minute Meals concept, he has created some more sensation by launching the 15-Minute Meals and this comes with a challenge. In his 15-Minute Meals challenge, Oliver asks his readers to put the new recipes to test at home. In case you are worried where you will get the recipes from, don’t worry. All you have to do is subscribe to his newsletter which will be sent out beginning October 13, 2012.


Speaking about the Challenge, Jamie says, “Here’s my challenge. Get cooking, film your video any way you like. The best videos will get chosen by us, we’ll edit them down, make them look cool, and put them up”.


Although 15 minutes is easy enough to convince people to try out a recipe, more inventives are being offered like starring in a video with Jamie himself and getting a free dinner for two at his Italian restaurant. The winners will be announced on October 22.




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Jamie Oliver’s 15-Minute Meals Challenge For You