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Being a teetotaler is not a trait you would normally associate with the rich and the famous. However, this list of ten famous teetotalers of America will surprise you because it has names, which you would never have imagined as not being synonymous with alcohol. Have a look –


1) Warren Buffet

This American business magnate and philanthropist is an inspiration to many, not just through his life story but also because of his abstinence from alcohol.


2) George W. Bush

He may not have been one of the favorite American Presidents but his teetotaler image definitely has its admirers.


3) Joseph R. Biden Jr.

What’s with politicians abstaining from alcohol? (we are not talking about Barack Obama). Joe Biden, Obama’s deputy left alcohol behind because of negative childhood impressions of drinking.


4) Tom Cruise

If you think this Hollywood heartthrob is drowning his sorrows in wine or whiskey after his divorce from Katie Holmes, you are wrong. This guy is a teetotaler so it is probably Coke or OJ for him in his lone moments.


5) Mae West

She regaled a whole generation with her double entendres but Mae West, despite being a sex symbol, refused to touch alcohol during a career spanning seven decades.


6) Bruce Willis

He bashes up the baddies on screen but in real life, he doesn’t touch even a glass of whiskey, rum, or beer. Therefore, it is only ironic that one of this gentleman’s daughters, Scout Willis, was recently arrested for drinking alcohol in public.


7) Donald Trump

He is another business mogul, who is on the list, for being a famous teetotaler. His extravagant lifestyle doesn’t include anything alcoholic.


8) Steve Jobs

He was the dream entrepreneur for millions of American men and women. One of his popular personality traits was his abstinence from alcohol. One more feather in his ‘Apple.’


9) Muhammad Ali

Born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr., Muhammad Ali has been more of a cultural icon than just a professional boxer. He gave up alcohol after converting to Islam, a religion, which prohibits consumption of alcohol.


10) Mitt Romney

He is the man who started it all – the battle of drinking vs. non-drinking in America, during the ongoing Presidential election campaign. He continues to be a teetotaler despite tremendous pressure from his rival, Barack Obama, who keeps downing one beer bottle after another.


The men and the woman on this list have been teetotalers out of choice, religion, health, or lifestyle and in a world obsessed with drinking alcohol, they are like shining beacons.




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Ten Famous Teetotalers Of America