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Mayim Bialik Promotes Veganism With A Big Bang's picture

Mayim Bialik supports veganism

PETA’s latest campaign has the American actress, Mayim Bialik strutting about as a 50’s housewife, trying to get rid of the all the meat in her kitchen. Bialik is overjoyed at having a chance to promote something close to her heart and is an active supporter of veganism.


“The Big Bang Theory” girl has a theory of her own when it comes to adopting the vegan way of life. She admits that she felt extremely guilty while eating meat, during her childhood. However, she could not quite make amends then and decided to turn vegan with a vengeance when she found out that “there are things that I can do and choices I can make."


Bialik also proclaims it as a better and healthy way of life. For her to ‘Go Vegan’ is to suffer less from seasonal allergies as well as do without antibiotics.


Hopefully, her video on the topic of veganism will help to convert quite a few of the meat eaters . PETA has indeed discovered a winner in the form of Mayim Bialik to promote their cause.




Image Credit- huffingtonpost

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Mayim Bialik Promotes Veganism With A Big Bang