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Elvis Presley's Daughter Serves Fish & Chips In Britain's picture

Lisa Marie Presley selling fish n chips

Being the daughter of legendary singer Elvis Presley hasn’t really been easy for Lisa Marie, which may explain why she went off to UK and settled there in 2010. Recently, she decided to get herself a day job with a local fish and chips van. This van belongs to Kim Scales, who also happens to be the owner of King’s pub, a joint where Presley is a frequent visitor.


A local customer was handed over a double helping of fish and chips courtesy of Lisa Marie. and while Ms. Scales admitted that Lisa had complied with her requests, she did not find her to be a very efficient worker. "She got the fish all upside down and was totally cack-handed," was all she had to say. However, she admitted to having had a great time with Elvis's daughter, serving fish to the locals who did not even know who she was.



Image Credit- imdb; panoramio

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Elvis Presley's Daughter Serves Fish & Chips In Britain