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The First Lady Michelle Obama is having a tough time getting American school children, especially the teenagers, to eat their school lunch. The new school lunch initiative has been facing quite an uprising in some American schools. Teens from Wisconsin to Kansas are protesting the new school lunch guidelines and refusing to eat what is served to them in the cafeteria because they find it boring and too little in quantity.


Well, they just got a supporter in political satirist, Jon Stewart. His last week’s response to the new guidelines was simply hilarious. While the teen students resorted to twitter campaigns, meal boycotts and videography of the meals to stage their protest, Stewart took the way best known to him – satire.


While opening his show last week, Stewart said, “Newsflash! Children think school lunches such! Extree, extree, school lunches suck and the portions are too small. And you want more of it.” Pointing towards the extra servings of fruits and vegetables in the lunch, Stewart said, “Like that counts as food! You know what we call fruits and vegetables at my school? Nerd grenades.”


Apparently, Stewart was mocking both children as well as the government guidelines. He further said, “Now, I am obviously not a nutritionist or an educator, but if these kids are hungry, I guess my solution would be, ‘Eat your motherf-----g lunch!’”.


As for what the government says, the GOP lawmakers are already acting on it. A bill, called “No Hungry Kids Act”, has already been introduced, which will revise the maximum amount of calories to be served per meal.




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Jon Stewart Tells US Kids Eat That Goddamn Lunch!