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Heidi Klum, Bodyguard Get ‘Affectionate’ Over Oyster Lunch's picture


Is Martin Kirsten Heidi Klum’s bodyguard or boyfriend? Well no one knows for sure but they both were found to be having lunch earlier this week at Joe’s Stone Crab in Las Vegas. Now having lunch doesn’t make you a couple, we understand. But behaving affectionately in public does, right? That is what Klum and Kirsten were doing to each other at the restaurant, said onlookers.


One of the people present at the eatery at the same time told a magazine that the couple was ‘affectionate” towards each other throughout their meal. The meal, by the way, was comprised of oysters, stone crab, pan-roasted sweet corn, and filet mignon. Well, oysters for lunch, that explains the affectionate part but surely the rest of the meal is really innocent. No aphrodisiacs apart from the oysters.


And the oysters seem to have done their job. So, Heidi Klum is moving on from Seal and it is bodyguard-cum-boyfriend Kirsten for now.



Image Courtesy: eonline

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Heidi Klum, Bodyguard Get ‘Affectionate’ Over Oyster Lunch