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Salma Hayek

The secret is out. It is not some insane diet or cosmetic surgery that makes Salma Hayek one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. It is a simple diet of fruits and coffee for lunch. Hot Hayek was recently seen eating fruits and coffee for lunch in Rome, while shooting for her film “Savages.” She took a break from shooting to go for lunch at Hotel Russie.


She is 46 years of age and her body has enviable curves. All this is because of a sensible diet of healthy fruits and not-so-healthy coffee.


In fact, for the said lunch, Salma had ordered pasta initially. But she changed her mind (every beautiful woman is entitled to change her mind) and went for a cup of healthy strawberries and a cup of coffee to go with it.


However, being a woman, she couldn’t resist a few bites of the tiramisu dessert brought to her table a while later. But, mind you, the dessert is not for everyday, just for special occasions.


Salma has been fanatic about her diet, so much so, that she joined hands with juicing guru Eric Helms, to offer a new program called “Salma and Eric’s Cooler Cleanse” program.



Image Courtesy: accesshollywood, wikipedia, fruitsbenefits

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Salma Hayek’s Fruit & Coffee Lunch In Rome