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F-Word Lands Paula Deen In Trouble

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Paula_Deen- F bomb

The mighty queen of cuisine has stirred up a hornet’s nest  once more! Yes, I’m talking about Paula Deen who isn’t quite all about ‘sugar & spice and all things nice.’ In fact, it’s a 2 minute reel of her antics that shows her freely swearing and cursing that is not sitting well with the ‘Celebrity Chefs’ Tour’ organizers.


The group was meant to travel with Paula to 10 different cities where the chef would demonstrate her cooking skills, live on TV. The celebrity chef, however, backed out of the tour stating a bounced check for which she sued the organizers. The group retaliated by counter suing her for a huge amount of $40 million.


However, it seems to her ‘blooper reel’ that’s got all the attention now. The reel consists of several bloopers from her TV programs on Food Network which were edited out. It shows the queen of cuisine liberally peppering her speech with F-words and freely referring to the sexual act.


The chief organizer for the Celebrity Chef Tour said, “We found it to be unacceptable because it’s certainly not family content.” He emphasized that was not fit for a live television audience.


The row has now been sorted out following an out of the court settlement. What about the money that changed hands? No one’s talking about it yet!



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F-Word Lands Paula Deen In Trouble