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White House Taster Detected At Obama Fundraiser

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food taster for obama

Does President Obama have an official food taster? Well, the presence of one on his visits to countries as diverse as France, China and India have been discovered by the media but the secret service still refuses to acknowledge it, maybe for reasons of security.


But when Chef Tyler’s wife Tolan went overboard by gushing about Chef Andrew, the White House taster, all hell broke loose. The Tampa fundraiser dinner cost $20,000 a plate and it is a bit doubtful whether anyone would actually attempt to poison the Prez at such an occasion.


The tweets were wonderfully candid and spoke volumes in 140 characters. “Yes there is a taster. Lovely gentleman named Chef Andrew from The White House. We tasted one dish together." She later tweeted, "#1 Highlight of night obviously meeting @BarackObama #2: Tasting dishes with Chef Andrew from The White House = #nopoison."


However, one is at a loss to understand why Tolan decided to delete her tweets the very next day or what is her reason for requesting the editor of Obama Foodoroma to remove the post about the so called, ‘taster.’


Any guesses on why it is all so hush hush?



Image Credit- article.wn; whitehousedossier; baxterboo

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White House Taster Detected At Obama Fundraiser