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She may have shed weight recently and strutted her toned body all over the newspapers, magazines and websites, but Nigella Lawson sure knows how to make other people put on weight. Her latest attempt at making a glutton out of the innocent television viewer is her Italian cuisine show, Nigellissima, which will be telecast on BBC. The show is a six-part series and it takes Nigella back to the student days in Florence.


The celebrity TV host rustles up a Mediterranean feast in the first part of the show and shows you how to cook delectable Sicilian pasta with Tagliata, Tuscan fries, and “eggs in purgatory.” In her words, this dish is perfect for late night parties. The next dish on the menu is the chocolate and hazelnut cheesecake. Just talking about this recipe is burp-inducing, excuse us!


Nigella has called Italy her “spiritual and gastronomic home” but she does admit that the dishes shown on the show are given an English twist, to make them suitable to audience back home. She told the press, “I stay true to my inspiration, but I inject some of my Englishness into the dishes.”


Well, it is her personal touch that makes Nigella such a delight to watch, isn’t it?



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Nigella Goes ‘Italian’ With An ‘English Twist’