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Ellen DeGeneres, Wife Go To Italian Eatery Post-Emmys Ceremony's picture


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It was fine Italian dining for Ellen DeGeneres, and her wife Portia de Rossi, after the couple were through with attending the red carpet ceremony at the Emmy Awards this weekend. The romantic date for DeGeneres and Rossi ended at the celeb eatery Madeo in Los Angeles. The eatery is famous for celeb escapades, especially during late night.


After the post-Emmys Italian dinner, the couple was seen leaving the restaurant looking a little disheveled, probably because of the busy evening and late night dinner. In fact, unlike other celebs of the evening, both of them gave a skip to most of the after parties that are usually held after such a grand award ceremony, obviously due to feeling tired.


However, what was the most endearing part of the whole evening was that Portia and Ellen were seen holding their hands while they headed home from the restaurant, lending the much-needed support to each other to get through a busy night.




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Ellen DeGeneres, Wife Go To Italian Eatery Post-Emmys Ceremony