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Penelope Cruz

In an industry full of one-night stands and fickle relationships, it is a pleasure to hear Spanish actor Javier Bardem singing paeans to his beautiful actress wife Penelope Cruz, whom he married in a private ceremony three years ago. The couple have a 20-month-old son to complete their family and their cup of joy is, obviously, brimming over. Touchwood!


Speaking about his family life, Bardem told a leading American magazine that he was happily married and he doesn’t forget to “truly thank whoever’s up there for giving me the opportunity to be loved.” Both Bardem and Cruz were born in Spain.


While this may be the first time Bardem has been so emphatic in his description of life with the beautiful actress, Penelope has been more forthcoming in the past interviews, where she has described herself as a housewife. She admitted that it was important for her to cook fresh food every day. She was also clear that she was not in favor of crazy diets but loved to eat “just good Mediterranean food” that she loved to eat.



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Penelope Cruz Loves Mediterranean Food