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Hollywood's veteran actress, Whoopi Goldberg, is famous for her whimsical sartorial sense but this time, she managed to raise a few eyebrows, with her extreme choice of shoes. At the Paris premiere of her "Sister Act" movie's stage show, Goldberg turned upin banana skin shoes.


No, the shoes were not made of banana skin, but they were made in the style of peeled banana skin, as you can see in the picture below. Dressed in all black outfit, the banana shoes, in their full-blown yellow glory, stood out like sore thumbs at the event. However, going by the beaming smile on her face, Goldberg is oblivious to the effect her shoes are having on the onlookers.

Banana Shoes

If that gives you the impression that the shoes have come cheap, you are mistaken. The designer shoes that Whoopi was wearing were sculpted by Israeli shoe designer, Kobi Levi and the pair came at $1,400.


This may be the start of a new unusual food trend in fashion. Moreover, Hollywood stars have their own whimsical ways whether it concerns their clothes, shoes, or eating habits. So, Whoopi Goldberg and her banana shoes are no exception.



Image Courtesy: foottalk, theshoeladydetroit

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Whoopi Goldberg Goes Bananas