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matt damon loves popcorn

“Good Will Hunting” star Matt Damon is the very epitome of an American movie  goer. Yes, he simply can’t imagine watching a flick without a big bag of popcorn and soda by his side. The ‘Talented Mr Ripley’ seems to be unable to break this habit even when he is watching his own movies. A popcorn addiction? Well, here’s what the Hollywood celeb has to say. "Even at my own premieres. It's really bad; I have to have it. I physically can't watch a movie without a big box of popcorn and a soda."


He isn’t too fussy about anything else though and is all praise for wifey’s home cooked Milanese. A hot fudge sundae is his idea f a fancy dessert, not being a lover of luxury eats unlike many of his Hollywood compatriots.  


Why aren’t the popcorn sellers plastering his posters all across their stands then? After all, Matt Damon does spell box office and can sure make the popcorn cash registers ring too. Do you see a ‘Damon brand popcorn’ in the near future? Do  share your thoughts.  



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Matt Damon Admits Being A Popcorn Lover