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Daniel Craig Opts For A Beer Bond

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Well, James Bond has done the unthinkable now! The new advert for Heineken’s Beer has Daniel Craig opt for the frothy beer instead of his fav Martini. While the latest  007 flick, ‘Skyfall’ has had the ageless sexy sleuth grab a can of Heineken, there hadn’t actually been a commercial linking the two before. The ad will also promote Skyfall in accordance with the deal signed between Craig and the Dutch Brewery which amounts to a whopping £28 million.


However, you need to watch the video below in order to find out how Bond manages to remain partially faithful to his old love,  martini by handing over the beer to a young protégé.


Old loyalties die hard Eh!


Image Credit- flipperdeflap.blogspot

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Daniel Craig Opts For A Beer Bond