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Lady Gaga Piles On 25 Pounds's picture

Lady Gaga

She was bullied in school for being fat and it seems the bullying days are back for maverick singer Lady Gaga, who has put on 25 pounds of weight recently. Her curvaceous look is already inviting media scrutiny, with everyone speculating wild guesses. While some one says that the ‘Bad Romance’ singer is on a drunken diet, others attribute her new weight to a secret pregnancy. There are still others who think that she got fat smoking on marijuana.


Her new fuller self was revealed in a fish-net outfit, which she wore during a stage show in Amsterdam recently. But kudos to the music sensation, who is no hurry to get back to size zero or lose weight even. Characteristic to her nonchalant attitude toward convention, Lady Gaga has accepted her increased weight and, instead, explained why she has become curvilicious.


Speaking on a radio show recently, she informed that since her father opened a restaurant, she has been eating a lot there. In her words, “I gain five pounds every time I go there.” Well, considering the fact that she is a New York girl, that too an Italian, you can’t really blame her for being partial to pasta and pizza.


However, since showbiz is all about good looks, Gaga seems to have given in for now as she reveals that she is on a diet to shed some of the 25 pounds that have crept up on her.



Image Courtesy: bellenews

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Lady Gaga Piles On 25 Pounds