Dinner With Barack Organizers Not Interested In The Winner But Insists On The $5 Entry Fee

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Dinner With Barack

The invitations sent out for the sixth and the last ‘Dinner with Barack’ organized by ‘Obama for America' appears to be the most honest one yet. The emails sent by the CEO, Ann Habershaw asked the invitees to send in their $5 entry fee while telling them that the organization couldn’t be bothered about thinking about who the winner will be. The exact words went, "I've got to be honest, I don't care who wins this last Dinner with Barack."


The dinner campaign has been heating up in the meantime with emails being forwarded to all Obama supporters from the Prez, Vice President, Joe Biden and the First Lady. While the coupon has Michelle Obama on it, it is still not known whether she will be attending it.


The names of all three winners will be made public on the 25th of this month and they are set to get $1600 along with a night’s stay and free airfare. While getting to ‘eat with the President’ might be seen as a big deal by many, the ones trying for free entry might not be so lucky as all the other winners for the previous ‘Dinner with Barack’ events had made liberal donations to the President’s election campaign.



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