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Vikas Khanna Langar

He may have already cooked for the President of the United States, but 41-year-old Michelin starred chef Vikas Khanna has added another feather to his culinary cap. He is the man behind Harvard University’s first-ever langar (community kitchen) event. The langar is being organized in the memory of victims of the Wisconsin Gurudwara shooting and the community-style meal event seems to be the right way to encourage communal harmony on campus.


The menu for the event is simple, as it is in India too. The Professors and students of Harvard University will get to eat Maah ki Daal (a variety of lentils), Gobhi Matar (cauliflower & peas), Roti (Indian bread) sitting Indian-style, on the floor. For dessert, Chef Khanna will be serving Kheer (Indian rice pudding), and Halwa (India semolina pudding).


The idea behind this langar event is to show the “generosity of Sikhism and its great tradition of langars,” according to Khanna. The August 5, 2012 shooting at the Wisconsin Gurudwara left six people dead and it also rattled the nation as well as the Sikh community in the US. In order to develop a better understanding of Sikhism, Chef Khanna also plans to show a film carrying the message of one of the ten spiritual Gurus of Sikhs, Guru Nanak.


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