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Obama Beer

Ever since he had a home brewery unit installed in the White House, President Obama has been discussing it at every given opportunity. One such occasion was on the David Letterman show, on which Obama made his seventh appearance recently.


When Letterman asked the President, “Is it true you’re making beer in the White House?” the President replied, “It is true. This is some tasty beer”.


The President even found time to joke about it as he told Letterman that he planned to set up a home-brewing operation in case he is defeated in the Presidential election being held in November this year. The TV host politely laughed at the joke.


It has already been mentioned that the White House brewery turns out three different kinds of beer – White House Honey Ale, White House Honey Porter, and White House Honey Blonde. The first time the beer was served to guests at the White House was in 2011.


The President also talked about the White House honey, the abundance of which he said was the inspiration to brew beer. Although, the beehive is not very large, it produced 175 pounds of honey in 2012, which is still less than what it produced in 2011 (225 pounds) and 2010 (184 pounds).




Image Courtesy: obamafoodorama

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Obama Mad About White House Beer