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Kelly Osbourne Follows Madonna’s Advice To Lose Weight's picture

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Kelly Osbourne, the sexy daughter in the realty show, “Osbournes” has been trying desperately to lose some weight and get back into her previous slim n trim form. Guess what? It was the 50+ Madonna  who helped her to shed the excess weight and attain size 8 once again. Well, the singing sensation has always maintained her super figure and Kelly could really gain by following her advice. No wheat, artificial sweeteners or cheese said Madonna and Kelly obliged, cutting out all carbs from her daily diet as well. It helped her get rid of the bloating she feels. So her dietary routine read:-


  • Breakfast-Boiled Eggs

  • Lunch-Salad containing grilled chicken

  • Dinner-Steamed greens and fish


Kelly definitely got back her shape courtesy Madonna. But will she remain as graceful as the older star once she hits 40? What do you think? Do let us know.



Image Credit- phoenixrevolution

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Kelly Osbourne Follows Madonna’s Advice To Lose Weight