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Dr Derek Shepherd of Grey’s Anatomy seems to have influenced the actor who plays it. Patrick Dempsey believes in keeping himself fit and healthy, an action that’s bound to give results in the form of innumerable fans, more female than male. The hot star tries to shun bad foods and exercises rigorously each day in order to meet his goals. However, he admits popping almonds into his mouth every now and then keeps him healthy and strong. He just can’t seem to stop eating sugar laden foods and doughnuts though. He does know that they are bad and can cause serious ailments including cancer but the temptation remains too great.  The remedy? Almonds of course! Now this fatty nut can actually make you lose weight contrary to the popular belief apart from keeping your heart healthy. And hot Dempsey hopes to reverse the effects of excessive sugar by going ‘nuts.’



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Patrick Dempsey Is In Love With Almonds