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Calista Flockhart Spends A Sweet Time With Son

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Calista Flockhart with Liam

Calista Flockhart, the Ally McBeal star dropped into ‘Dylan’s Candy Bar’ in LA last week. She and her son Liam had a sweet time choosing candies while the onlookers had a field day admiring her flawless face that was totally devoid of makeup.


A bagful of Pucker Powder and Berry Blue Belts left Liam satisfied while his mom decided to go with the pretzel balls encased in white chocolate. Flockhart, also known for her recent TV series, ‘Brothers  &  Sisters’ seemed to be in a jovial mood and played the doting mom to the hilt. The duo had a sweet time while the spectators were enthralled to get a glimpse of a perfect mother-son relationship of a tele star unfold before their eyes.


A win-win situation for everyone! Hope we have more of such sweet moments from LA celebs instead of the usual rigmarole of tragedy, break-ups, and revenge stuff.



Image Credits- girlsgoneuggs.simplyfabulousnyc


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Calista Flockhart Spends A Sweet Time With Son