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Kristen Stewart

She was preparing to face the red carpet for a long time but when Kristen Stewart finally reached the Toronto Film Festival, she was a bundle of nerves. She was so scared that she forgot to eat at all. This is not the first time that the Twilight star has forgone food. In the days following the public scandal in which she was involved, Kristen was said to be sustaining herself on cigarettes, chips, and little else.


Although, her gorgeous printed gown, a sweet smile and her poised demeanor belies any such claims, onlookers at the Festival insist that she was afraid to eat anything right before the event.


The occasion was her first public appearance after her brief affair with director Rupert Sanders became public. More than the public, Kristen must have been worried to face her boyfriend Robert Pattinson.


Kristen was having nightmares about public “booing and shouting” at her which is why she “couldn’t stomach any food at all on the day.”


However, nothing like that happened. Her fans welcomed her with cheers, not jeers. Now that even Robert is supposed to have forgiven her for going astray, we hope that Kristen’s appetite must surely have returned.




Image Courtesy: entertainmentwise

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Kristen Too Scared To Eat Before Toronto Outing