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Prince Charles beer

His son, Prince Harry, has recently suffered the consequences of going tipsy and, then, out of control. That is why, perhaps, Prince Charles, during his recent walkabout in Ludlow, Shropshire, had to be persuaded to sample a half-pint of golden ale.


It was 71-year-old cellarman Mike Sergeant, who managed to convince the Prince to drink the local brew, Ludlow Gold. Prince Charles was on his way to the St. Laurence’s Church, during a town centre tour, when Sergeant approached him respectfully and offered a glass of beer. After a few words were exchanged, the Prince gathered the courage to take a couple of sips of the beer. Afterwards, he is supposed to have said, “My God, that’s good stuff.”


Although the Prince was involved in a scuffle with McDonald’s over fast food, he could not resist the pull of the beer despite the fact that his act went against the Royal protocol. However, since his church visit was imminent, the Prince could not have more of the golden liquid even though he liked the taste of it.




Image Courtesy: scribblellive

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Prince Charles Hesitates To Drink Beer