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Lady Gaga Forbids Alcohol On Born This Way Ball Tour's picture


Lady gaga Bans alcohol

The temperamental Lady Gaga has decided to shun alcohol completely. She had admitted to having a glass of wine earlier but the star now seems hell bent on becoming a teetotaler for her ‘Born This Way Ball’ tour. Her close companion DJ Starlight reveals that Lady Gaga has forbidden any kind of alcoholic beverages and depends on tea now. The black tea will give her the energy to perform hopes the hot and moody star. PG Tips Tea is the one she has selected for her extensive tour and considers it to be the absolute ’best.’  Alcohol has been strictly banned from dressing rooms too and the members of her entourage are expected to satiate their hunger by nibbling at roast chicken and veggie hot dogs instead. Well, we can only hope that Lady Gaga bids adieu to alcohol for good and does not embrace it once the tour is over and done with.



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Lady Gaga Forbids Alcohol On Born This Way Ball Tour