Paula Deen Hopes To Profit Via Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats

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Anti fatigue Kitchen Mats By Paula Deen

Paula Deen, the culinary celeb has had her share of flak be it her recommendation for sugary food or concealing that she had diabetes. However, she is not the one to be down for long. She’s back in the news; this time for trying to ease the life of a home cook. And how is that? With her brand new innovation- a set of kitchen mats that can reduce fatigue. Termed as 'Paula Deen Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat', this product is made out of polyurethane foam that helps to prevent pain in the back as well as the feet. These are all common conditions that most cooks have to endure while standing for hours in the kitchen. She uses the mats all the time, professes Paula and recommends that you go for it not only for comfort but for adding style and elegance to your kitchen as well.



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