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Being in the last stage of pregnancy, Reese Witherspoon seems to have become a little more demanding in her meals. The ‘Legally Blonde’ actress, who is ready to deliver soon, was recently seen at a California restaurant, Gjelina, having dinner with her family.


More than her pregnancy, what made news was her strange cravings, which begin at midnight and continue till she is satisfied.


A close friend of Reese told recently that the Hollywood beauty wakes up at 3am, craving for bizarre combinations of food such as pickles, peanut butter, and seaweed smoothies, all together. However, her not-so-strange cravings include chicken wings, drenched in barbecue sauce. Now that is something that you would want to eat any day, right!


However, Reese doesn’t seem to enjoy these cravings, as she tries sticking to a relatively healthy diet during the day, such as bananas and strawberry yoghurt.



Image Courtesy: todaysparent, seaweedrecipes

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Reese Witherspoon & Her Pregnancy Cravings!