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Grey Goose Names Cocktail After Venus Williams

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Grey Goose Cocktail Named after Venus Williams

Venus Williams, the gifted tennis pro has more girly interests now. She just celebrated her very first week as a New York fashion designer with EleVen, her line of designer sportswear. Grey goose the makers of flavored vodka did not let the opportunity go though. They contacted Venus and promised to make her celebration really worthwhile as well as íntoxicating’’. So MaVen the special vodka drink named after Venus was introduced making the tennis star squeal with happiness. She cannot stop smiling since her namesake brand of grey goose vodka cocktail has been announced. Her tweet echoed her mood too. "I can't believe #GREYGOOSE created a drink named after me!" Can the combined power of EleVen  & MaVen eclipse her defeat in the US open? Venus certainly thinks so. After all she can have another shot at the Grand Slam title next year.


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Grey Goose Names Cocktail After Venus Williams