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White Wine Spritzers Are 'P***Y' For Padma Lakshmi's picture


Padma Lakshmi

Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi is known for her straightforward talk. So, it comes as no surprise when she calls the white wine spritzers "a real p***y drink." She said during a recent interview that she hated the fizzy concoction. Her apparent disdain towards the drink may also be because of her recent partnership with Sterling Vineyards.


While saying that about the white wine spritzers, Lakshmi said that these are a way to camouflage a wine selection that isn't that great. She said, "But I would never do that with one of the Sterling wines." See, what we told you about the partnership. As if to prove us right, Lakshmi then goes on to pour a glass of Sterling Platinum Red Wine, about which she is all praises. The wine, she insists, could be had with ribs as well as a big roast.


Speaking about her association with wine, she said that wine is "such a big universe", just like food. She then advised that one should "approach it wine by wine." The award-winning host also has no qualms about splitting a bottle while out dining with friends.


Well, when you have such a beautiful and successful woman doling out advice on wine, it is hard to resist, right?


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White Wine Spritzers Are 'P***Y' For Padma Lakshmi