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Kate Middleton

Hurray!!! The British Princess, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is pregnant and it is not a doctor-administered lab test that confirms it. No siree! It is a very public pregnancy test, wherein Kate opted for water instead of wine to toast at a recent public ceremony, that has the media all knotted up. No one really knows it for sure, nor has the royal family come forth with a statement. Yet, public is going gaga over the fact that the Princess is drinking water, not wine, which, obviously points out that she is carrying the royal heir in her womb.


How silly of all the doctors, the lab tests and the medical jargon! All you ever need to confirm whether you are pregnant or not is to opt for water instead of wine and it is done.


However, since chances are that you are no princess who is reading this, you may still have to go for that age-old lab test to establish the fact. But for the royal family, anything goes in the name of media speculation. So, here is a toast to Princess Catherine and her pregnancy, or not! Well, who knows !



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Princess Kate Passes The 'Water' Test For Pregnancy