Andy Murray Pays A Grand Bill After Winning The Grand Slam

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Andy Murray- grand Bill after Grand Slam

Andy Murray and his first Grand Slam victory was the talk of the town across Britain this week. The poor little rich Tennis Star tough chose to have a lemon soda while his friends and hangers on decided to eat, booze and be merry at Hakkasan, the Chinese eatery. Andy’s entourage ordered champagne and wine like there was no tomorrow. The bill totaled a whopping $6448 which actually seems moderate when you consider the 30 odd signature dishes that were ordered. The lone lemon soda set the Tennis star back by $6 but was that all he paid after winning $1.9 million at the US Open? Well, actually Murray did sign the restaurant bill while the 30 men in his company looked on. However, a little bird whispers that the entire bill except for the gratuity had been complementary i.e. served with love.



Image Credit- ESPN; uk.eurosport

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