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Lindsay Lohan

Actress Lindsay Lohan is not new to the luxurious ways of Hollywood. Therefore, when she was recently seen munching on some fast food from the Taco Bell chain, one thought may be her time was up. But then, the 26-year-old, who showed immense promise early on in her career, has never been one to shy from going against the tide.

The change comes as no surprise because Lohan has already been banned from the Hollywood hotel, Chateau Marmount, because of her behavior. So, she has no choice but to be content with whatever the common American on the street is eating.

In Atlanta, Georgia, to shoot for her movie "Scary Movie 5", Lindsay was seen roaming around with a Taco Bell lunch bag in her hand. She fetched the lunch from a nearby Taco Bell outlet, complete with the beverage. Well, naysayers may say that the lunch was not healthy but then Lindsay is known to have a taste for the unhealthy in her life.


Image Courtesy: thesuperficial

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Lindsay Lohan Catches A Taco Bell Lunch